See why residents love El Castillo and La Secoya

No one knows what life at El Castillo and La Secoya is like better than those who live it everyday. See what our residents have to say about being a part of downtown Santa Fe’s only continuing care retirement communities.

“As a second generation El Castillo resident, I have a “double” perspective on life at El Castillo. My parents entered El Castillo in 2000, experiencing both the independent living and skilled nursing areas. They enjoyed the companionship of friendly residents and the attentive care of staff. Twenty-one years later I entered El Castillo, and found those same positive human qualities prevailing, with the added enhancements of an impressive library, a cozy cantina for relaxing with friends, a well-equipped and staffed gym, and new memory care quarters. The cultural advantages of El Castillo’s location are clear to anyone who has spent more than a day in Santa Fe. There was never a question about where I wanted to reside at this stage of life, and I am deeply happy to be here.”


“I have been a resident of El Castillo for 3 years. Would I make the same decision to move her again? Yes I would! The Wonderful people who take of this fine facility are first class. This care begins with trustable management.administration, dedication housekeeping/facility maintenance/nursing support/food service, and security coverage. The dining is top of the line, and the dining staff is superior. I am an advocate for all El Castillo is”

DREW SCOTT   75 Year Old Widower

“Coming to El Castillo was the best move I have ever made. The ambience is wonderful–exceeded only by the efficient office staff, the hard-working employees the wonderful services, the delicious food, the great programs. My son and daughter know they don’t have to worry about me. So what more could one ask?? Nothing!”


“I moved into El Castillo in June of 2019. Over and over I say it was the right decision for me. Living here gives me the opportunity to live life as I choose. If I want to be social there’s lots of options for meeting other residents for a meal, coffee, movie, happy hour, walk, share a hobby, enjoy other activities off campus or I can enjoy my alone time in my apartment surrounded by a comfortable environment I created. The community here is well educated, diversified, interesting and varied. It’s said that residents living here live longer and from what I can see, it seems to be true. So happy to be a resident at El Castillo.”


“The most important part of being an El Castillo resident is the neighbors we got when we moved in 10 years ago. I was unprepared for the deeply embedded sense of community we have here. The second most important part of being a resident at El Castillo is the friendly, responsive and awesome staff. Our needs and requests are always met with courtesy, professionalism and a smile. The third most appreciated aspect of living at El Castillo is the fitness room, fitness classes, parties and celebrations, programs, Isabella’s Cantina, and many other activities that enrich our lives. Finally, I’d like to share a remark that was made to my husband and myself shortly after we moved in. It captures the essence of El Castillo as home. Shared by another fairly new resident, it was said that ‘living here At El Castillo is like being on vacation on a cruise ship, that’s permanently docked in a very cool place!’”


“El Castillo is a very special place for me. The residents are friendly, caring and have had fascinating careers, the employees are exceptional. They work hard, yet are always friendly and will do anything for you. The variety of food is amazing and I can always find things that are nourishing and that I enjoy. There is always transportation to meet my needs and programs that are entertaining and informative as well as fun parties for every occasion. We have a great variety of fitness options. I never dreamed I could spend my retirement years in such a wonderful place.”


“We considered downsizing and moving to La Secoya several years ago. Valerie, my wife, was absolutely convinced it was the right move for us. I was a bit more reluctant. However, after many husband/wife discussions, I acquiesced, and we decided to make the move. As usual, she was right, and I was wrong. Now that we’re living at La Secoya, we’re both delighted with the choice we made. The residents are simply amazing. Each and every one is accomplished in their own right, and together they help form an unbelievably supportive community. The La Secoya administrative staff are professional and focused on making their residents happy. We have a Residents’ Association which provides an organized way to manage our affairs and provide feedback to the administration. The best measure of this place is the incredibly positive attitude everyone living and working here demonstrates each and every day.”

Bud Hamilton, La Secoya Resident